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Immediate Loading: state of the art

The ultimate goal of an immediate loading protocol is to reduce the number of surgical interventions and shorten the time frame between surgery and prosthetic delivery, all without sacrificing implant success rates. This new protocol will ultimately lessen patients reservations and result in increased acceptance of implant therapy. The lecture will address a variety of topics related to immediate loading in different clinical situations: edentulous mandible and maxilla, partially edentulous patients from single tooth to multiple units. Complications and limitations of this procedure will be also addressed.

Practical guidelines to maximize peri-implant soft tissue health Soft and hard tissue management in the esthetic zone

The esthetic implant rehabilitation of patients with esthetically and functionally compromised dentition frequently involves a multidisciplinary approach and represents a clinical challenge. During recent years, treatment modalities and options have changed and from a surgical point of view, less invasive procedures are used in order to preserve soft tissue anatomy and minimize recession. Also the design of implants and prosthetic components have changed in order to minimize bone resorption and soft tissue alterations. This presentation will give practical guidelines that can be easily used in day-to-day clinical practice in order to help maximize peri-implant esthetics. Basic soft and hard tissue reconstruction procedures will also be discussed to address pre-existing deficiencies. Treatment algorithms will be outlined to help guide the clinician to choose the various procedures and techniques to predictably meet patient expectations.

Immediate Implantation

Fresh socket implantation where and when. This lecture addresses the indications and contraindications of fresh socket implantation in esthetic zone and in posterior area. In this lecture we will learn how we should analyze the socket in which we want to have an implant , the necessity of using bone grafts and soft tissue grafts and the secrets of roots extraction.